Pocket Init

Initialize a new base project directory by calling the pocket init command. This will create a new app directory in the specified path or within the current working directory. Initializing a project will do as follows.

1.) Create folders in the specified DIR or CWD. This includes the app folder, which will contain the blueprints, and other folders such as settings, configuration, logs etc.

2.) Create a preference file as JSON format in the settings directory or inside the root directory.

3.) Create a new environment variable for the user called POCKET_PROJECT_DIRS, which is a list of directory or path pointing to the initialized projects.

–- Create the .bashrc file in the user’s directory.

4.) Move the HBS configuration templates to the conf folder with the applied context.

5.) Create a dummy base project “hello pocket” in the project folder.

6.) Create separate files for apps and blueprints.