Package Manager Installation

We are now trying to incorporate the package managers to the cli so that we can install the required services based on the current platform (Windows, MacOS or Linux). We will be using Homebrew for MacOS and possibly for Linux systems as well, and Chocolatey for Windows.

We need to make sure that the package managers can be installed via the command line. If not, we will have to require users to install the homebrew or choco packages manually.


1.) Running into a permission denied error when attempting to install homebrew using the default script with bash. Possible fix can be found in the stackoverflow thread and git tracker.


2.) Still not sure how to input password when prompt via the terminal. Might have to rely on users to do this themselves, which is probably how it should be done.

UPDATE: Created two child process to download the install script and and another to execute it. This worked fine. We also catch administrator rights or make sure that the script does not run as sudo.