Pocket Server is a web server and application builder app made out of Electron, which allows users to spin up open-source software such as WordPress almost instantly right in their local machine. The app is currently compatible with Windows 10, but support for other platforms will be available soon. Enjoy!


To get started, please get a copy of the Pocket Server zip file from the >> download link <<, then extract the Electron app or the PocketServer folder anywhere in your hard drive or machine. After the extraction, go to the installation directory, right click on the Pocket Server.exe file and click Pin to Start, or create a shortcut on your desktop. It is also recommended to run the app with administrator rights.

Module Installer

On its very first run, Pocket Server will ask you to install the required modules, services or dependencies to be able to run a specific application, among these are the web server and database, and other open-source software. It will also create the configuration files and app directory in the user directory. To begin the module installation, just click the green Install Modules button in the Installer page as shown in the screenshot below.

Our Very First App

After the module installation, Pocket Server will automatically redirect to the dashboard where you will be prompt to create your very first application. Exciting? No? OK. Anyway, let us create our very first application. Click on the Build Application button to get to the Builder page, and select the application or boilerplate that you want to build. This will open a modal window containing a short description about the app and a list of dependencies. When you are ready, just click the Build Application button. As you will noticed, only WordPress is available right now, but more app will be available soon.

— WordPress CMS

In the configuration page, input the preferred name for your WordPress site or app, should be at least 7 characters and click continue. There are other options such as the app directory but it is recommended to keep the default value or path. You will then be taken to the module section afterwards where you can pick a database, a web server, and select a different PHP version. When you are satisfied, click continue once again. In the next and last page, select the WordPress version, input the dashboard username, password and email, then click the big Boil Application button to begin the app creation. Wait for a bit and you are done!


— Router is not running.

If the router fails to run or if the loader does not stop spinning after attempting to run the router, try to click the Stop All Services button, and Refresh the app. Then try to run the router again. Same steps can be done when an app or server fails to run. Please note that using the Refresh button will terminate all services and stop all applications or servers.