Simplify web development.

Pocket Server is a repository of open source applications right in your local machine. No docker? No problem. Available on Windows 10.

Get Started

Build, build, build.

With Pocket Server, you can easily spin up applications, or what we call blueprints, in less than a minute, manage it on your local machine and have it ready for development in no time.

Night Owl? We got you covered.

Pocket Server is available in Light and Dark mode, so you can work Day or Night.

The Tech Stack.

Everything that you need, none that you don't. Pocket Server contains time-tested and open-source softwares widely used across the web.

... and more, soon.

Available on Windows 10.

No Docker? No Virtualization? No problem. Pocket Server is made using Electron and Electron React Boilerplate, so it has the potential to run on other platforms in the future. We are working on that!

Start Hacking Now.

Develop a new and faster workflow with Pocket Server. Create apps, develop, test, fine tune and deploy.

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Pocket server for
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